“In your biggest pain and travails lies the secret and valuable lessons to your greatest victory,” – Temitayo Abudu

A sacrifice is an act of giving up what you value for something more important. It can also refer to the value you give up for a better cause.

Anyone who desires to enjoy a meaningful life must learn how to sacrifice. 

However, it is surprising how many people want to enjoy the benefits of success but rarely realize the need for them to sacrifice, before achieving their set goals.

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Every measure of greatness comes with a price; until you learn to pay the needed sacrifice for it, you can’t achieve greatness.

Most times to achieve your set goals and reach the expected destination, you need to know when to sacrifice for the greater goal. This is important because the level of your commitment determines how fast you’ll surmount the challenges before you. Nothing worthwhile ever happened without adequate sacrifice being put in place.

I’ve realized that there are different levels of sacrifice, which individuals must pay before they attain the pinnacle in life. These include: 

  • Painful sacrifice,
  • Expected sacrifice, 
  • Willful sacrifice
  • Regrettable sacrifice.
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The Painful Sacrifice

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It is the sacrifice that requires you to give up what is most precious to you for something more beneficiary,  especially as it concerns your purpose and vision in life. This could be our time, sleep and peradventure our cherished friends. In most cases, the friends we cherished may not be adding value to us and this could affect the glorious future that awaits us. 


Therefore, it is advisable to let go of such friends, we painfully sacrifice the present relationship for a more glorious future. Though it is a painful sacrifice worth taking.

The Expected Sacrifice

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This is the sacrifice expected of us in our society. For instance, in a typical African setting, particularly the part of Africa where I’m from, People expect you as a man to sacrifice for your family. While the woman should sacrifice the name of her father for her husband’s, there are some examples of an expected sacrifice, though it does not carry much weight like the painful sacrifice.

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The Willful Sacrifice

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In this type of sacrifice, an individual decides without being coaxed to sacrifice his/her time, sleep and any unproductive desire towards the attainment of greater accomplishments. 

Willful sacrifice is synonymous to a painful sacrifice.

The Regrettable Sacrifice

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This sacrifice requires you to pay a higher price when you do not do what is necessary during your youthful age. 

It often pierces my heart when I see women and men in their old age doing what they could have painfully and willfully done in their youthful age because they did not sacrifice at the right time. Hence with regret and pain, they will sacrifice their dignity and pride for what I consider important but of little worth or value.

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When you do not do what is right at the right time, regret becomes the order of the day in your life.

According to Anthony Robbins, there are two kinds of pains in life: the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. 

We have a choice to choose which pain that determines the outcome of our lives.

Conclusively, nothing good in life comes easy, to enjoy the blessedness of greatness, there is a need for a willful and painful sacrifice to gain a rewardable and celebrated life.  Simply put it as “No pain, no gain”.

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As I drop my dynamic pen, I believe you wouldn’t want to live your old age in regret, therefore it is required of you to sacrifice today for a celebrated and worthy ending in the nearest future.


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