The pains and errors of yesterday should only be lessons for today and not stand as obstacles to the glorious future. The word mistake means an error or a blunder. It also means to understand wrongly.

A mistake is an action that we come to regret because it usually causes of pains, dissatisfactions and struggles. Whenever we make a mistake, we are expectant of bad feelings about oneself. Often time, people are afraid of making mistakes because of their experiences, which invariably could lead to failure in their next aspiration. Perhaps in business, academics, marriage and many more. Meanwhile, mistakes should not be a stigma that could deprive one of a greater future.

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In as much we try so hard to avoid making mistakes in all our endeavours, it is axiomatic to know that mistake is part of human nature. However, the essence of this article is not to encourage the act of making mistakes or committing avoidable errors, but to highlight the strength and lessons that come with mistakes and make you understand why mistake should neither be an excuse for failure nor a setback to progress

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Mistake, in its greatest advantage, helps to discover many things about ourselves. For example, our strength, value, weakness and self-worth can be modified  through experience gathered from mistakes. Such experiences give enormous opportunities to learn, grow and develop as well as widening our horizon while strengthening our knowledge.

Mistake teaches us to be more conscious of our actions and inactions. Importantly, it enables us to predict and avoid situations that can make life become miserable.
To rise above the stigma of mistake, we must constantly and consciously remind ourselves the truth about mistakes. 

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These include:

1. knowledge.

Every man is ignorant of something, sometimes our ignorance leads us to mistakes. Nevertheless, that must not limit our progress. Instead, the experience garnered should propel us to the next plateau. must not limit our progress. Instead, the experience garnered should propel us to the next plateau.

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2. Influence.

Never think you can control people rather, have the mindset of influencing them, many make this mistake in their relationships either with friends or family. So stop making the error of controlling people live a life worthy of emulation, then you can be an influence on your own world.

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3. Control.

Mistake is part of physiological measures that shapes and guides humanity. This means we cannot perfectly control ourselves. Thus, the reason we sometimes stumble, but we must get up, and keep moving.


Conclusively, imagination, hope, and a strong desire to believe that the future will be better are the greatest assets given to humanity. Though humans are not perfect, so it is imperative to learn from the mistake we have made, however small, so as to avoid further making a mistake which may cost dearly. 

Author: Temitayo Abudu.

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