We all crave for a life of comfort, bliss with no stress. And often not ready when life presents us with such opportunities because it takes insight and preparation to recognize it.

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We complain about our circumstance, yet remain ambivalent about making the change. Instead, we focus on the difficulty around our circumstances and fail to see the opportunity that lies in it. As a result, we fail to hit opportunity when they show up its face.

If you have been seeking for the optimal solution, then you are on the right page.

First, let’s look at why we find it difficult to recognize opportunity when it comes knocking on the door.

Most of us are often afraid of the unknown. We dread taking risks and are too comfortable in our comfort zone. We lie to ourselves that we are contented with where we are and give flimsy reasons we shouldn’t dare the odds; while we hate our condition and dream of the life, we would love to live which seems obviously far-fetched.

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You need to snap out of it if you find yourself in this category and have it at the back of your mind that recognizing opportunities does not just happen without courage.

You need to develop your courage and confidence to take risks and change your present situation because nothing will ever change if we do nothing about it.

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The fear of failure often hinders us from creating opportunities when needed. We gain confidence the moment we make a change towards our goal accomplishment, and as a result, there will be an increase in the progress of our life fulfilment. Even when we fail, we still win knowing we have an experience. We still win knowing we defeated the fear of not trying. We still win!

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Life becomes more exciting when we suppress the fear of the unknown by being more willing to try out new event increasing our ability to bounce after a setback; also recognizing and maximizing opportunities when they arise.

There is a constant need to be ready on alert when the opportunity comes knocking. It is really a painful experience when we miss an opportunity we have been waiting for. It is imperative to focus on the opportunity that comes with every challenge less you miss it. Success becomes a re-occurring event when you know what it takes to make an opportunity happen.

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As you develop the mindset of an optimist, be sure to seize every opportunity that life gives to you by making the best out of it. So while you prepare for opportunity, develop the habit of enhancing everything you see around you.

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Remember, there are opportunities everywhere waiting to be utilized. Master how and when to step into it.

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