In this song, the two newbies get honest about their celebrity life, ambitions, and fears.

When you become an overnight sensation with a global fanbase heralding your name and brand, it may seem as though one can just ride into the sunset. But the second track of veeyie’s debut ep ‘young and reckless, says otherwise. Alongside fellow singer/rapper and friend ‘Laycon’, they admit the downside of fame and the inside reality the rest of the world can’t grasp.

There are the haters, fake friends, people only using them for selfish gains, and it is up to them to always be on guard to watch out for people like that.

Veeiye's Enter my head (feat Laycon)
Veeiye’s Enter my head (feat Laycon)

‘As e dey go, nobody told me what to expect’, Laycon sings on ‘enter my head’. He goes further to add, ‘as my whole life turn to show, I hope say e no enter my head’—[The phrase ‘enter my head’ means change who he is].

While they ponder back and forth on their sudden reality, a subtle exploration of every artist’s anxiety and ex-big brother Naija housemate is observed where Veeiye asks, ‘when the vibe is done, will they still want me here?.

It is entirely human to question and have these thoughts, but the answer does not lie in emotional blackmail. If these two artists ignore the worship of their separate Stan-bases and continue putting intense work into their craft, they will get their deserved roses.

Being successful products of the biggest reality tv show in Africa, there is a false idea that artists may be compelled to believe that they are made for life; after all, we’ve got the fans. This idea is mistaken and disappointing. However, with the consistent release of singles like Show for ‘veeiye’, and two consecutive Lps from Laycon, I think they know this. They better do!

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