When you talk about entertainment, notably regarding the film and music industry, Nigeria is among the precursors in the world. 

Every day in the Nigerian music industry a new hit single is released by a renowned or upcoming artiste. Despite this reality, there is a major problem plaguing this industry.  

A demand that has insidiously eaten into the core of the music industry. This obvious problem is that most Nigerians, both the literate and illiterate, seem not to know (or probably appreciate) the disparity between commercial and professional norms of music. 

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There appears to be an unsettling attitude amongst the masses showing that professional standard of music, which the likes of Timi Dakolo, Dare Art Alade, Asa etc have adopted, has no real place in Nigeria. 

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Upcoming artistes feel it is a standard that is too high and heavy for the average Nigerian to digest. They believe it’s a standard that belongs only to the Western parts of the world. 

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Most young Nigerian feel that only the commercial music, which is being done by the likes of Wizkid, Davido, Small Doctor, Timaya etc, is the only song that sells in Nigeria. And that this is the style of music Nigerians comprehend better.


It is this misguided assumption that has driven many upcoming artistes who started with a professional standard of music to switch and join the bandwagon of commercial artistes just so they don’t get left out. This switch leads them to compromise their standards. 

This general presumption is wrong because research has shown, in recent years that most Nigerians have grown tired of the over 90% of commercial music they are being bombarded with on radio and TV every day. 

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There is a craving for variety and diversity. Most people are now calling for more professional music to be produced. While hoping that there will be more artistes out there who will make the move to set themselves apart and stay true to their professional standard like Timi Dakolo, Asa, Dare Art Alade, etc. 

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In conclusion, each group has its fans and its market. Not every artiste can be commercial, and not every artiste can be professional. Let those who are good at releasing commercial music remain commercial. And let those who are gifted at singing professional standard music remain professional. 

As an upcoming artiste know your strength and understand the group you belong to, before deciding on the music you’ll like to do. And let no one from any of the group move to influence or impose its will upon the other. It is a free world.

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Rex UmehMaximus Rex Umeh is the true definition of “Jack Of all Trade.” He is an Actor, a Recording Artiste, a Model, a Motivational Speaker, a Voice over Artist, and an aspiring Filmmaker. He is also an unpublished author and Poet who will publish his first book in the nearest future.  He is presently working on his debut album; as well as working on producing his first film.

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