“E Min Lo” is a song wishing friend, family and loved one life against the issues of life.

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Departing from people most time is often emotional for so many and the only thing we get to hold on to is wishes and hope.

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Amid this pandemic what we can do is to pray for our loved ones against sickness and death.

This was the words of the veteran vocalist in this beautiful song titled “E Min Lo”.

The song was produced by  by Carl Raccah


Get to know more about Yinka Davies

Yinka Davies (born July 16, 1970) is a Nigerian vocalist, dancer, lyricist, and judge of a reality show, Nigerian Idol.

Yinka has been in the Nigerian entertainment industry for 28 years.

Check out his full profile: https://bit.ly/348QhwM

You can book her here: https://stagerave.com.ng/booking-enquiries/

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