Written By: Max Umeh


Gone are the days when manhood was regarded as a virtue that should be upheld by the male folk alone.

Then, it Implied that men were solely responsible for the family.

In those days the distinctions between manly and womanly virtues were clearly defined.

During that era men consistently proved it with their words and actions.

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However, the world today is filled with individuals who strut around in all arrogance, calling themselves men just because they have a small sack of balls dangling between their legs.

These are individuals who know nothing about the value of honour. Neither do they know what it means to take responsibility for anyone or anything.

They are narcissistic braggarts who would spend the last dime in their pockets and go hungry so they can keep up appearances.

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These class of men are lazy; constantly feeding off the sweat of their wives or girlfriends. They don’t bother going out to look for jobs because they know their love-blind and doting wives/girlfriends would do anything to keep them happy.

Such men, do everything to look good in the eye of the public at the expense of their family’s welfare.

It is worse for bearing the obligations and responsibilities that come with marriage. Everything is done for them, like actual babies; everything except being spoon-fed and lulled to sleep.


They are unfaithful to their spouses. Their infidelity is such that they would wait for their hard-working women to return home from a day of back-breaking work. Then collect their daily “allowance” from their loving wives/girlfriends and sneak out to lavish all that money on wild escapades with concubines and prostitutes.

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I know a woman who is the breadwinner of the family. More from a tacit agreement with her husband than from unavoidable circumstance. Her husband has literally swapped roles with her.

He is pleased to be the housewife; keeping the house, cooking, and taking care of the kids. As long as the wife makes the money and brings it back home and gives him his daily allowance.

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As bad as this case might be, it is nowhere close to some other cases. Such as the marriage in which the husband, not only feeds off the sweat of the wife but also beats her regularly. And also has no time for his children.

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In fact, he has forgotten that they even exist. He would collect what little money she makes for the day and goes out to squander it all on booze and prostitutes. Afterwards, he would stagger his way back home, drunk. The next day would be a repeat of the previous day. And the cycle continues. 

These are but a few among countless cases. It appears to be the norm among the male folk these days to be babies in the hands of their women while all at once acting macho for the benefit of the public.

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Rex Umeh

 I rarely blame women when they say all men are “babies.” I think it is only fair since most men contrive to unwittingly prove them right repeatedly with their juvenile delinquent behaviour.       

It is just so unfortunate that such worthless men are in the majority, giving the impression that all men are like that. They give the few virtuous, responsible, and honourable men out there an awful name.

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