A Child portrays serious prospects of suspense and deepness in writing after realising God’s gift in her life at the age of 7—Osayuware Emokaro, now ten years old, has written a book worthy of being admitted into the list of must-reads.
With precision and a varietal feel, the ten years old author engages readers uniquely with stories from her wealth of thoughts. In “The Expensive Purse and other stories,” 
Osayuware categorised this contents into three stories, namely; The Expensive Purse, Strange Things Acted Up On My Birthday, and The Unknown Singer.
Osayuware Emokaro
Born on the 26th of June, 2008, second of four children in a family of six, Osayuware, is an emulative personality to her peers and a proof that you are not too young to realise your talent. Yuwa, as she’s fondly called, is a beautiful singer—owing to this gifting attached to her divine knowledge, she sings as a choir member in her church.
With more than a dozen books to her read, (where some of them are Treasure Island, Anne of the Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, A Little Princess, Without a Silver Spoon) Emokaro’s great love for reading kindled from hearing many stories from one of her teachers who used to come to the house to read to her and encouraged her to read and when she began to do as her teacher advised, she always tend to write like the book she is reading at the time or better than it and that was a start to her being an author.
A fluent speaker with the evidence of confidence in her comportment, Osayuware exhibits traits of a potential suspense writer.
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