From OMNIMUZIC comes out a brand new Artiste, Splendid Abang with his new song titled “Agafoalo” translated as “Thank You” in his native Mbube West language of Ogoja in Cross River State, Nigeria.

He is a passionate worship leader, a songwriter and a father of two beautiful girls, married to a lovely wife.

The song speaks of a commitment to declare the faithfulness of an all-knowing God who sees the end from the beginning and yet gives His own grace, regardless. Agafoalo focuses on the immeasurable love, God has for His people rather than the love anyone might profess to have for Him.

This simple soul enriching sing-along music, produced by the exceptional KEBEE and recorded at OMNIMUZIC STUDIOS Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria promises to be a veritable personal devotional piece for the worshiper. The song is just a taste of several other great songs to come in the nearest future from Splendid Abang.

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Agafoalo Agofoalo

The inspiration behind the song

Agafoalo (Thank You) was written in a place of a deep personal material struggle. 

It was the rainy season in 2017, my family and I had just moved into a new apartment. 

We had no money to get a afford a new apartment but God used someone to pay the rent for us.

In one of those cold nights, my eldest daughter began to hum a tone. 

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Then, it just occurred to me then that apart from us the little girl had no single care in the world. 

And hummed this tone from the excitement of us living in a new apartment. 

My daughter knew that as her parents we were facing hard times.  


But had the assurance that she was with her mother and father. This assurance was enough to comfort her that everything would be okay.

As I think about everything, then a clear voice ministered to me saying:

“If only I can be as this little girl and be thankful to God for everything, rather than feel gloomy during trials, I will triumph over every situation.”

So, I joined my daughter in the tune she made up. And then the tune became a set of tunes and as I kept on dwelling on this for days, it became this beautiful song.

Immense energy came through this experience such that I literally saw the challenges end. And so, looking back at that phase of my life and not forgetting the huge future our God has for us, I can only say AGAFOALO to the one and only true and all-knowing God.

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