Prolific gospel artiste and producer KeBee just dropped a new single titled So Beautiful.

KeBee wrote the song out of a set of reflection on while he was meditating about faith.  

This deep introspection made him ask:  “If the Spirit of God can be physically felt and adored, what would be my love song to him?” KeBee asked himself.

According to the prolific producer, the answer to the above question turns into a melodious song in his heart. And that was how the new single was written.

 Highlight of the lyrics:

“A thousand stars in your eyes, a rose is like when you smile… you’re so beautiful”.

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“Yes! It is a love song and for me, it is a privilege to write such a piece to the maker of life,” KeBee stated.

The artiste significantly added that the video project concept for the song will be dedicated to every child, every man and woman fighting through cancer… 

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As they go through such challenges, their ribbon is of beauty, love, victory and life. 

Your ribbon prevails…  @mrkebee


Kebe Eyong who bears the stage name KeBee, is a prolific song writer, music director, a producer and a recording artiste under OmniMuzic. He is also a vocal coach and the author of the book “Vocal Tips for Singers”.

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A native of Cross Rivers State,  he was born and raised to a Christian family, in the city of Port Harcourt, Southern Nigeria and currently based in Lagos. The prolific producer started his musical journey at a teenage age in a local church where he started singing in an adult choir.

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Since then he as attended several musical training programs and seminars, also attended the University of Nigeria Nsukka, where he studied music. Now he has a progressive success record to his name, as a vocal coach and music director that has groomed several choirs and young singers.

Read More about KeBee: https://stagerave.com.ng/artistes/kebee/

You can book him here: https://stagerave.com.ng/booking-enquiries/

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