Abraham Akatu is a talented gospel singer specifically known for songs inspiring salvation. The vocal composer has been making waves in the world of gospel music and lately released an Album titled “Bigger than Size”.

“Bow the Knee” is a track in the Album “Bigger than Size” which was released on the 11th of October 14, 2019. The song explained in details the importance of humility in the presence of God as the pillar of God’s blessings.

A part of the song goes thus: “Bow the Knee, sing his praise… the king will hear and rise again for your sake”

He said, God heals, saves, redeems, makes us his friends and cleanse our sins for he has hung himself for us on the cross.

“Bow the Knee” is a song that guides the activities of every Christian in the presence of God.


Listen and Enjoy:

Bow the Knee

by Abraham Akatu | Bigger than Size

You can buy the song here: https://africori.to/biggerthansize


Abraham Akatu Odeh

Vocalist, Composer, Praise and Worship Leader.

Abraham Akatu, a signed Artiste with Honesty Music Entertainment Lagos Nigeria is a Gospel Music Minister Deeply inspired and a biblical Passionate Praise and Worship Leader.

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Abraham Akatu popularly known from his Home town as Akatu Odeh was born in Kaduna State in the Northern part of Nigeria. He is from Otukpo town of Benue State. He is from a family of four Siblings of which he is the last child. Abraham is based in Lagos Nigeria, and happily married.

This Servant of the most High God and Christ Centered Solicitor is as well a Bilingual English/French Music Minister Who Has a Bachelor’s Degree in French Language from the Award Winning Benue State University, Makurdi, Nigeria.

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Akatu has written an incredible well spring of Great Songs from the Stables of Heaven. His intimacy with God remains an un-drifting priority. He is so sold out to the Gospel and service of God. The writer of Evergreen songs like “He Came For Me” and “Dobale”. With an Album to His Credit titled “He Came For Me” with other great songs currently in Progress.

For the Art its music- Singing and speaking. And before fulfilling my journey to finally becoming a full time minister to the glory of God, I have worked as a private French interpreter and a French teacher.

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I do the gospel music not out of the ambitious desire for popularity but in response to a call from heaven.I always work on the receptivity of my spirit as I tune my spirit to always receive from heaven. The essence of the ministry is to be ready channels for God to flow through as only God can truly do his own. Though on my path, constant practice and an un-quenching life and attitude of true Worship. Nowhere is too decent for me to worship, though I sing decently.


You can book him here: https://stagerave.com.ng/booking-enquiries/



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