She is here with yet another Striking Sound which she titles “The Best” this she said was birth out of this communication she had in her bathroom:

Drizzle: Is it that serving you does not work? Why am I still broke? 

His Spirit: Have you done the One thing I told you to do? 

Drizzle: Yes, of course, is it not to seek your kingdom first? Matthew 6:33? I have been doing that

His Spirit: Yes I know, but why? Whats your reason? 

Drizzle: erhmm… 

His Spirit: You seek me first just so that all things will be added right? 

Drizzle: (Crying) Forgive me, Lord, never will I seek you for other things sakes, henceforth I seek You for You, I’m sorry, I love You, You are THE BEST.

She Confesses that even though the song is pretty fast tempo, she still has tears shed whenever she sings or hears the song TheBest, because of the wonder of having the Almighty God right inside her and inside whoever he calls Child. In her words “The Best thing that can happen to anyone is having the One and Only true God as Father!!!”

Get to listen to this Half-Ibibio/Half-English Pop Sounding Song and Keep jumping as every word sinks into your spirit.


Drizzle Richards is Born of God, and hails from Imo State, though naturalised in Jos, Plateau State, all in Nigeria. 

Drizzle, a Rock-Fusionist, is a very skilful Guitarist, a Seasoned Singer, an Outstanding Song Writer and is the CEO of an Online Learning Outfit called The Music Learning Hub.

Drizzle has a Certificate in Music from Panam Percy Paul’s Academy, Jos Plateau State and has a BSc in Philosophy from University of Uyo Akwa Ibom, Drizzle is however currently based in Lagos Nigeria. 

Drizzle’s Song Writing and Performances /Ministration spans into 5 categories, what she calls Zones: Church Programs, Weddings/Engagements, Birthdays, Seminars, Anniversaries. 

After releasing her song titled “The New Me” which made massive impacts in the hearts of all who listened; a lot of Testimonies were and are still being gathered.

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