To reject means to deny someone or something. It likewise means to decline or refuse to accept.

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In overcoming Glossophobia, eliminating the mindset of rejection is truly significant. 

Some people have the concept that when it comes to public speaking, they are not reliable enough because whatever they will or may say, will not be overly accepted by the public.

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Some questions that run through the mind of such people include:

What if my audience hates my speech?

What if they boo me off stage?

What if they got bored?

What if my accent is bad?


I sincerely beseech you to get rid of such worry, willingly let these challenges be an origin of reason towards having a stronger presentation and not a hurdle.

I choose you to know that outstanding people you see or hear about today have formerly been rejected at a point in life.

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Being turned down stops some individuals from trying again, while others bounce back from rejection stronger than before. 

Everyone experiences the bite of elimination, but it is purely the mentally strong people that will handle the pain to grow stronger and develop into better.

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Personally, I have been turned down so many times, but I enjoy telling myself, the future is so bright, and I must never tolerate the rejection of now stop the glorification of the future.

If only we can be real with ourselves, again we would see rejection as one lesson life needs to teach us, towards appreciating the strength of our individualism.

I understand that people who suffer from speech anxiety often time have issues in expressing their ideas and it still interferes with their everyday life, covering from career, relationship, business, and interaction with friends just to mention a few.

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Do not be deceived, everybody makes mistakes, don’t deny yourself or feel rejected because of your minor mistakes.

For example, as a scholar, in building the future ahead of you. 

Your teacher may not believe in you, your friends may insult your ideas, even the people you so much trusted may write you off, but atlast! 

You are what you say you are, not what they say you are.

How to Eliminate the Mindset of Rejection

1. Do Not Neglect Your Source (God)

God is the creator of all humans and to really live a life meaningful to your world it is mandatory to embrace the blessedness of your source.

2. Stay Faithful to Yourself

We all have a unique identity and being true to yourself helps greatly in overcoming your fear. You are in competition with no one. 

Believe in yourself and appreciate and celebrate your success.

3. Acknowledge Your Emotions

Rather than suppress, ignore, or deny the pain, you need to acknowledge your emotions. 

Admit when you’re embarrassed, sad, disappointed, or discouraged. 

Have confidence in your ability to deal with uncomfortable emotions head-on, which is essential to coping with your discomfort in a healthy manner.

4. Be Strong Enough to Move on

 The truth is that rejection is a temporary situation and it won’t last for the rest of your life if you keep moving forward step-by-step, keep learning and it doesn’t label you as a failure (so don’t put that label on yourself).

5. Utilize the Power of Affirmation

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Above all, the fear of public speaking is surmountable, if and only if you will eliminate the mindset of rejection by believing in yourself, while you also keep in mind that 40 percent of the audience fear public speaking too.

Believe in yourself

 be energetic

be positive

never think you are inferior to your audience

Yes, you can!!

Author: Temitayo Abudu 

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