“Your independence from the slavery of ignorance depends on the amount of knowledge at your disposal and the one you will source for.”

“The More Value You Add the More Valuable You Become.”

– Temitayo Abudu

Independence connotes freedom or liberty. And one of the perfect ways of getting freedom is to become a value creator. Value means the quality that renders something desirable or antique.

For anyone to remain relevant in this 21st century, you must add value to yourself and the society at large. This is important because your influence can be traced to the level of value you create.

However, my major focus today is how you can add value to yourself through reading.

I’m emphasising on this because statistics reveals that only one-third of adults read an entire book after graduation. There are more statistics on this, but I won’t bother you with the numbers. These frightening statistics tell us that 70% of young people view learning as a period of life and not a way of life.

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It is a shame that most individuals find it difficult to read. And that is the reason they languish in poverty and mediocrity. 

Meanwhile, those who delight in learning often lead their chosen career. 

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Secrets are hidden in books and only people who are diligent enough to read discover them. People are perishing in ignorance because they are too lazy to pursue knowledge through reading.

But if you can be courageous enough to read, you will give an answer to what many people see as a mystery. You will have answers to economic, political, religious and social issues people struggle to answer.

And your self-empowerment will be obvious to all.

However, It is not wise enough to depend on your own knowledge alone, this can be dangerous.

It makes people have a myopic view of issues.

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Guess what, “none of us is as smart as all of us.” Learn to be open-minded when you seek knowledge. It is one way that reveals what we miss out when we go searching for real facts.

 Therefore, cultivate the habit of reading, don‘t just to read but put into action the knowledge gained.




Napoleon Hill explains Definiteness of Purpose noting: “All truly great minds have been reinforced through contact with others that allowed them to grow and expand.” 

If you want to grow, reading should not be an option rather, it should become a habit.

Above all, never stop reading, for in it you get the freedom that will usher you into a desirable future.

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