D-tone incorporated melody and meaningful contents in his trending song titled “Sun Kun’fe,” which means (Cry for Love).

In the song, Perseverance, dedication, determination, and trust are what D-Tone Martins’  painted to mean responsibility and crying for love.

Many unpleasant love stories are as a result of not knowing how to cry for love and consequently leads to break-up

“Sun Kun’fe”  is a song that shows that love requires strength and purpose and to enjoy it to the fullest, one must cry for it.


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Dtone Martins’ Profile.

From Rhythm Unplugged to MTN Campus Jam; from Black Heritage Festival to Felabration; from the Hanger Lane Exhibition to Coca-Cola Road to the 2010 World Cup (the list is endless), DTone Martin is the epitome of good music. His singles, “Sunkun Ife” and “Ife Gbagbara” will be premiered on December 2, 2011.

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He is one of the most developed talents of Nigerian extraction. He belongs to the breed of artistes that skillfully lace music with traditional folk coloration, well-versed lyrics and seductive melody. As a result of his outstanding performances, he has garnered an increasing…

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You can buy the song here: http://africori.to/sunkunife

You can book here through this link: https://stagerave.com.ng/booking-enquiries/

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