Everyone has a cherished one, sometimes we feel like getting to know what they are thinking about.

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This becomes a challenge if we can’t ask.

In the love song “YOUR MIND” Maira Claire explains that to overcome this challenge is simple if we only open our mouth and ask.

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This will even help in giving our lovers all they deserve.

Maira express this message in the song by dedicating it to someone she loves.

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The song was produced by the prolific producer, Kebee.


Listen and buy: https://song.link/s/2TvOHCf770bGhHtr2p3pWK


Maira, as she is fondly called, is an R&B, Inspirational and Soul performer who take her audience on a journey through music to where she gives expression to their inner desires for inspiration and freedom to help them live a purposeful life.

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