Love requires strength (Ife Gbagbara)

Most people don’t understand the attributes of love.

They talk about love in isolation leaving behind perseverance, dedication determination, and trust. 

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Many unpleasant love stories are as a result of not understanding the attributes of love.

In this song titled “Ife Gbagbara” D’tone Martins incorporated melody and meaningful contents in a wonderful masterpiece which means (Love requires Strength)

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Ife Gbagbara is about how love is a no respecter of anyone.

It shows that love requires strength and purpose.

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You can buy the song here: https://africori.to/sunkunife


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Dolapo Martins also known as D’tone Martins has weekly gigs where he opens for comedian omobaba no 1 one of Nigeria’s A list comic act in the country…

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You can buy the song here: https://africori.to/sunkunife

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