“The best life to live is to live the life of purpose, but the greatest life to live is to live a life without limits.” – Justina Samuel-Iwok

Think about this: “How elated will it make you feel knowing you can achieve anything?”

What you see as your limits become an illusion when you live your life on purpose.

To live your life on purpose, begin with the one who created life in the first place, I mean you have to start with “God” who is the source of life. I’m not apologetic about this; I convinced that all roads lead to God. This is the first foundation if you want to live without limits.

Fly, Spread your wings wide and soar as far as you can see. You will achieve less or nothing when you place a false limit on yourself. The only thing that can limit you is “you”. “YOU” call the shots.  You decide when you crawl. You decide when you walk. You decide when you run. You decide when you fly.

We have been puzzled for thousands of years over our limits. Intelligent philosophers and great thinkers have tried to debunk the reality of limits in the affairs of man and how possible man can live without limitations.

Come to think of it, why are there limitations in life?

Brilliant researchers and writers have discussed and written about the causes of limits in the affairs of man.

Some argue that limits ensure we don’t overdo things and that it helps us to learn what it takes to push ourselves beyond the illusions we’ve created in our mind. While others are of the opinion that limits help us put our lives in order.

Please, I have to state here that you should not confuse limits with challenges or difficulties.

One major reason we experience limitations is found beneath our choices. 

Over time I have developed a mindset that goes in line with my thoughts. So I believe  “If you choose the right perspective and focus on your purpose, you will trample on every circumstance that life throws at your feet.”

That you cannot see the victory ahead doesn’t mean the victory isn’t there.

Limits are only experienced when you create them. And you create these limits when you do things your own way. Only when we walk in the will and purpose of the creator that we can live a life without limits.

No doubts, there will be challenges and setbacks, but be rest assured you will surely overcome all. A life without limits is a life of purpose.

Let your purpose drive you, ignite a burning desire to possess your purpose as you live your life. Become the change you seek,  the goal that you aspire and the victory that you desire. Be courageous enough to take charge of your life by making the right decision with the help of your creator.

We are often deluded by the fear of failure; the fear of rejection and the fear of loneliness.  So we become trapped and entangled in this mirage called fear. Nick Vujicic described fear as “False Evidence Appearing Real.” The more you give room for fear, the more limits you set around you. 

Say no to the idea that you are limited in any way and self-limiting beliefs. Our belief system is based on programming; what we see, what we hear and the fear of the unknown.

If your belief system is doctored by negative sentiments, then fear will move you inexorably towards stagnation. Now, is the time to set your record straight as you experience pure bliss living the life God has called you to live. Live in His will, by His will and for His will and you will never experience limits anymore.

Live without fear! Live without boundaries! Live without limits!

A great purposeful adventure awaits you.

Written by: Justina Samuel-Iwok

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