“There are two kinds of life: a dormant life and a dominant life,”–  Justina Samuel-Iwok.

What kind of life are you living?

A dormant life or a dominant life?

Perhaps the real question is: “Are you ready to live in dominance?”

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A dormant life is a passive life; nothing grows, nothing moves. Life is hopeless and meaningless when you live a dormant life.

Many people live their lives in dormancy and do not know. Their minds are redundant so is their lives. They lack focus and purpose. They go about each day in fear, regrets and dismay. There is really no hope for people living in this category of life.

A dominant life is an active life; a life where great things happen, where dreams are accomplished, where wills are activated and future for everyone. Take this from me, a dominant life is the best life to live.

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To live in dominance, appreciate life and be passionate about life. It is amazing what your approach to life can do. Your perspective about life changes everything. It determines the position you stand on when the need to make a critical decision arise. Decide every day to be actively fruitful.


Those who live in dominance are self-aware of their position of sovereignty, power and authority to take control of their lives and everything around them.

They recognize their ability to rule and be in charge of life, not the other way round. They do not live in defeat because of their enlightenment that influences everything they need to win.

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Too often, we allow ugly incidence from the past keeps us from dominating our lives. We allow some kind of rejection or disappointment to discourage us and give up too easily on our dreams empowering them to dominate us instead. This often brings about depression and gloominess.

You need to take control of your mind and the thoughts that go through it so you do not become a prisoner of your own mind. By keeping a firm and a positive mental attitude, you will become more confident in the power you possess.

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When God created man, He gave man power to dominate the earth and all that is in it. Dominion has always been God’s plan for you. Therefore, dominate your challenges; dominate your pains; dominate your failures; dominate your feelings; dominate your weakness. Dominate!

Activate your power to live in dominance by taking charge of your life.

I will be deceiving to myself and to you if I say you can dominate the world by yourself. There are negative powers ready to contend with you from dominating your life. Powers that do not want you to fulfil your destiny. Powers that will stop at nothing to see that you remain ignorant and miserable.

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You need the help of the Providence if you want to live the life of dominance. God is our source of dominion. You must stay connected to the true source of dominion to live in dominance.

You can spend your life as a slave or a master; the choice is yours. 

Don’t die a coward. Don’t die unfulfilled. Give birth to your dreams and live in dominance.

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Justina Samuel-Iwok is the Author of the ‘English Idiom Glossary’ and a Director in StageRave Publishers. She is driven by the duty and commitment to serve, inspire, motivate, impart and make the world a better place by utilizing and maximizing her creative talents.

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