Are you living a bold life?

A life without fear or limits where you find fulfilment.

One of my basic philosophies that govern the way I live is a quote I use regularly, it says:

“The fear of failure is the beginning of failures.”

If you have been reading my weekly article, you would have come across the above assertion.

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I am fueled to write about this week article on fearless living. When I think of a fearless life, I do not have to narrow it down with pride and interests, rather; integrity, guts and love effortlessly come to mind.


Living with boldness and confidence is a courageous and purposeful living. It is walking the talk, stepping up for what you believe in, being yourself against all odds, courageously living the life you truly love to live, being grateful for your life, talents, gifts and using them without fear. People who live boldly have similar characteristics; they are creative, risk-takers, stubborn, dauntless, and have a courageous mindset.

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Helen Keller quote says, “Life is a bold and great adventure or it’s nothing.” Do not be afraid to be fearless. A fearless life is a bold life. You must live fearlessly to maximize life endless opportunities. The world is hungry for fearless people. People who are courageous enough to fail and keep trying; people who maximize their strengths while facing life with boldness and honesty; people who dare to be different and feel secure in who they are.



Fearless people keep their heads up as they learn through adversity. So keep your heart and your mind open for the future that awaits you to explore.

It is impossible to be happy if you live in fear, therefore overcome your fears and grow through your courage. Sometimes we find it difficult to gain the confidence we need to take a bold step which is understandable but at such times, all we need to do is take the bold step already! So if you feel stuck in the shadow of your dreams, be courageous enough to stand and push through the walls that entrap your dreams.

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Go through life fearlessly and live the life God has called you to live; the life of purpose. You cannot live purposefully in fear and anxiety. One thing I know for sure is that you are here on earth to fulfil a purpose, therefore, find it, live it and fulfil it!

I want to say empathetically that you do not need a validation from people or the society to be purposeful. Once you discover what you are on earth for, live every day for that purpose until you fulfil it. you have what it takes to do new things no one has ever done before, so step out of your “Fear Zone” and enliven your gut to dreams. Stay positive about what you can do, learn more about yourself to unleash your abilities. When the hurdles of life hit you down, gather the strength you need to stand on your feet and keep moving.

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Be encouraged not to waver in your commitment to do what you really want for yourself. Be encouraged not to waver in your commitment to stay focus and achieve your goals. Be encouraged!

Be unapologetic about the confident and fearless person you.

Live fearlessly in harmony with integrity, humility, decency and love.


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Justina Samuel-Iwok is the Author of the ‘English Idiom Glossary’ and a Director in StageRave Publishers. She is driven by the duty and commitment to serve, inspire, motivate, impart and make the world a better place by utilizing and maximizing her creative talents.

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