When two brilliant singers come together to produce a song, then one should expect extraordinary and mind-blowing content. DTone Martins featured GT Da Guitar man in “Je Ko Tan” in a masterpiece that was release in 2007.

The cool song can help to create an atmosphere of delight and uplift through its lyrical content, sound and musical arrangements that will uplift one’s mind, body and soul.

Listen and enjoy:

Je Ko Tan

by DTone Martins ft GT Da Guitarman | Je Ko Tan



Dolapo Martins Popularly known as DTone Martins is a soul and high life singer, born in Lagos in the 80s.

The popular singer is a Christian of faith and the first child from a family of two kids.   

While growing up, Dolapo got some of his early influences from his dad who is also a singer and from other great singers including Ebenezer Obey, King Sunny Ade, and the likes.

Dtone Martins sings most time in his local language with a western feel to it. However, he believes music is a universal language and his music could be heard and appreciated in any part of the world…

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