Heal is a short song with a clear message and it was inspired by the current situation of our nation Nigeria. The song preaches hope, unity and hard work. Heal was co-written and recorded by Marley Maine, Delly Black and Jessy Raey.

“Rain” was used metaphorically in the song to represent two things which are purification and God’s gift.  “Father send down the rain “was used in the lyrics because our land needs to be cleansed from all the bloodshed and in this case rain stands for that purification. On the other hand, rain represents that the gift God has given us for our sustainability but we take for granted or despise. We take for granted a lot of our natural resources that can build our economy “.Rain, rain, don’t go away” in the lyrics expresses remorse for neglecting our gifts.



by Marley Maine, Delly Black and Jessy Raey. | Heal

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