We bring to you a throwback song “Eko Ile” by yinka Davies. “Eko Ile” is a song that painted the past events of Lagos state. The historical song highlighted the state in connection with music and noted that “Eko” is the “Central House of Nigerian music”.

In the song, Yinka used the popular saying “Eko lowo wa” to identify the economy uniqueness, value and the reputation of the state.

The economy, cultural diversification, population and brilliance are the values of Lagos. She Noted.

“Eko Ile” is a song that revealed the past, noted the present and anticipates the future of Lagos state


Listen and Enjoy:


About Yinka Davies

Yinka Davies (born July 16, 1970) is a Nigerian vocalist, dancer, lyricist and judge of reality show, Nigerian Idol. Yinka has been in the Nigerian entertainment industry for 28 years.

Background Information

Father – Benin Republic/Sierra Leone Lisabi clan who moved to Lagos because he was originally from Nigeria.

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Mother – from Ikorodu, Lagos State…

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