Infinity presents a single, titled “Abiyamo”.The song is a contemporary African folk song with a timely message of hope for Nigeria at each celebration of her independence anniversary.

It was produced masterfully by the veteran ace producer Sam Show who has previously produced the hit song Pali for Infinity.


Listen and enjoy:

You can buy the song from this link: https://africori.to/abiyamo



Within the four walls of their school, they met, drawn to each other by their passion for music.

The group spent most of their spare time together working on melodies and rhymes not knowing they were being steered by the wheels of destiny.

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They started as a five-man team but after their debut release, two of the founding members went on pursue solo careers.

Today, (over fourteen years later) they have evolved into one of the most prominent groups on the continent of Africa; they are called INFINITY.

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