Inspirational artiste and music producer Greyhome recently dropped a new single titled “Limelight,” a song composed to inspire and uplift people from depression.

“The rise of the social media with all its pressures, the darts, huddles, obstacles, that life throws often causes depression and suicidal thoughts in this era,” which according to Greyhome was what inspired the song Limelight.

Limelight seeks to help people introduce a different perspective to life; helping depressed and suicidal victims view life’s challenges as just a phase. While letting them know that life’s challenges are not peculiar to them but that it happens to everyone.

The inspirational song also helps to question if problems are real problems or just self-inflicted pressures from our society. 

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The word “Limelight,” was used metaphorically by Greyhome to connote triumph over life and it will result from having to go through the thorns of life rather than staying there.



Greyhome is a music producer, singer/songwriter with a difference. He is one with an uncommon approach to music in Nigeria as he uses his electronic prowess as a springboard to launch himself into a more global music space.

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He is a native of IMO State, though born and raised in the city of Jos, where he gained his music production skill. With an almost abstract but a rather sublime approach, and with a good sense of rhythm and melody, Greyhome intends to communicate salient but sensitive thoughts through his songs to his world.

Listen to the song and enjoy

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