Everybody comes into the world to fulfill a purpose, but until people realise their purpose in life, their inner strength becomes a deficiency buried in them till eternity,” – Temitayo Abudu

Permit me to make an allusion to little creatures who seems to be unnoticed but yet embedded with great wisdom humanity can learn from.

The ants, conies, spider and the locust are little creatures we can all learn from.

These four creatures are unique because they never wait for things to happen rather in their own little capacity makes things happen. If the ants can be so wise to prepare her meat in the summer and the conies can as well make their houses in the rocks, then these are tangible lessons we should learn from these little creatures as human beings.

It is a known fact that as human beings we are superior creatures, but oftentimes we rarely realise what we carry, thus limiting our innate ability.

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Many people most times wait for the government to solve all their problems. 

Some want the government to take care of their children and pay their personal bills. This to me, tells that such people are not ready to accept responsibility. 

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It is no longer news that the government is an important aspect of our society. 

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However, we need to realise that the government consist of a group of people selected to occupy leadership positions in whatever capacity whether at the local, state or federal level. 

This invariably means that the people are the determinant of whatever happens in society.


The uniqueness of the aforementioned four little things is their ability to take responsibility. 

The locusts despite having no kings yet match in formations. This alone tells us as humans we have no excuse from reaching our goal even in the absence of a leader.

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 My advice, stop blaming people for your circumstances, rather be courageous to take deliberate steps to ensure you are in charge of the happenings in your life. 

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If a man cannot compass these common things by his wisdom, we cannot attribute wisdom to such a man, but folly.

The creator destined people for the palace but they are smiling in the gathering of slave due to their inability to take decisions capable of transforming their life for good. 

Above all, seek God if you want to fulfill your purpose to make sense out of your life.

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