I believe when we read about people, events and motivational stories, it is for us to learn principles that will help us better our own life.

When you compare talent to hard work; one expects that talent should win the comparison, but my friend I can tell you it’s not always the case. You will agree with me that Lionel Messi of Argentina is an example of talent and Cristiano Ronaldo an example of hard work. However, when you compare the performance of both in their first match so-far in this on-going FIFA World Cup in Russia; it is no argument that Ronaldo’s performance standout.

Nigerians are disappointed over the performance of the Super Eagles so far at the FIFA World Cup. If they were hungry enough to win, they would have trained well and played the match as if their lives depended on it. Instead, they hived-off their responsibility to God by being spiritual in a physical game. The Eagles prayed before starting the match, prayed and prayed again; but were defeated by a team that didn’t even mutter a word of prayer.

Pictures of the opening ceremony:


Question: “Does it mean God don’t answer prayers?”

As a professional, I will advise you to work hard and then you’ll get the desired result. Even the scripture says give back to “Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” 


As a musician you have the talent is not enough, you still have a lot to do to get into stardom. I took my time to highlight some mistakes the Super Eagles committed, so you can avoid such mistakes in your career as an artiste.

1. Don’t be too religious

Like the Super Eagles, most people like over spiritualising things. You’ll hear them make statements like:

“I need to pray for that concert to be a success.”

“I’ll be going for studio session next week; I need to engage in three days fasting to ensure the single becomes a hit.”

“The baba has given me ring I will put on before going for that stage performance.”

This is the reason western countries will continue to be ahead of us. In western countries, no matter the project, they spend enough time to build capacity, research and know the level of the challenges ahead of them.

Common’ most of the successful concert you’ve ever seen are not organised by Muslims or Christians; their organisers of often free thinkers with different ideology about life.

Work hard and you will get your desired result.

2. Mediocre Performance is Not Accepted

Life is a competition; you can see it clearly in the jungle. Trying to unseat the lion as the king of the jungle is to embark on a suicide mission. Does it mean that the lion doesn’t encounter challenges from time to time from other brave animals, they do. And that is the reason the lion and the tiger will not share the same domain. If the Super Eagles had put on a brave fight just like Portugal did against Spain, the match would have ended in a draw.

For instance, as a music artiste, what this means is that you don’t just give your songs to a distribution company and then go to sleep. You also have a responsibility to play in making sure that your new release becomes a success. You can share the links; carry out an online campaign on the single or album to create a buzz around your songs. Get feedback from people to know the level of your performance and areas where you need improvement before releasing that song. It is very important to get feedback.

3. They Accepted Defeat

After the Super Eagles had conceded two goals, the accepted defeat. They were no longer playing as if they can still make it; they gave up. You will face challenges that will make you have self-doubt about yourself and your future. Never accept defeat; you determine the outcome of the events in your life.

“If four things are followed – having a great aim, acquiring knowledge, hard work, and perseverance – then anything can be achieved.” –  A. P. J. Abdul Kalam


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