“Craving to be a blessing makes you a solution to your world; be a solution, not a curse” – Temitayo Abudu

People will remember you for two things, the problem you created and the one you solve – Prof. Wole Soyinka  

To be a blessing to your world is to be a value creator. Many are great today not because they are wealthy but because they create value, by solving other people’s problem. Creating value makes you more relevant because whatever you do to yourself remains with you, but what you do to others, remains immortal.

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Now, I need you to realise who you truly are, if you do not know who you are or your purpose, it could be very difficult to create value or be a blessing to your world.

As an individual, you are carrying the DNA of God; He is the creator of heaven and earth and also the all-knowing God.  

Therefore, you are designed by God to add value to your society. God himself is not selfish with His power and knowledge, little wonder He created man in His own image and also programmed man to dominate the earth as He does in heaven.

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For instance, in this 21st century, most people venture into marriage with the mindset of selfishness. How do I mean? Some men who are planning for marriage will sometimes think the wife must at all cost do the cooking, cleaning, laundry and taking care of the children. While they just go out in the morning to look for money, come back in the evening, sit in the living room and read the newspaper, as it is for men so also is for some ladies.

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The main aim of going into any marriage or marital agreement is to be a blessing and not a burden. For the lack of this understanding, many are enduring their marriage instead of enjoying it.

To create value is to show love, care and be concern about you is your partner’s career and development.

Also, in terms of academics, some people are so knowledgeable but irrelevant to their society, because they refuse to share what they have. Sharing is a prerequisite to growing in the school of value.


What I’m seeking to recommend to you is the importance of virtue and value, these two helps you realize your true self and also be a blessing to others. For you to maximize the inner treasure of becoming a blessing to others, you need the supernatural. Supernatural means something beyond the physical or human imagination. The supernatural gives the auction to function.  It is the providence who enhance the capacity of man to be a blessing.

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Above all, never be selfish in your approach, always aspire to be a blessing to people around you and the Society at large.

Have you blessed someone today?

Becoming a blessing is not limited to finance, it could be a word of encouragement, sharing of knowledge and ideas just to mention a few.

“Keep doing what you know how to do best in as much it is blessing people around you”

Author: Temitayo Abudu

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