We cannot become what we need to be by dwelling in the mentality and failure of the past.

 Be bold enough to take the step of progress.

Your creation is not for the state of mediocrity, stagnancy, and failure.

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The world itself is not static, therefore it is pertinent for you to change whatever that is keeping you in a limited and unmoving state or circumstances.

Remember, we will only remember you for the success you achieved not by the number of times you failed.

 Failure is part of success, not the opposite.

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More so, now it’s time to let go of your horrible past and stop living in it. Stop telling yourself that story where you are the victim of your horrible actions. You can’t undo the past, all you can do is to make today the best day of your life.

Most people love a trip down memory lane. They yearn for the past with a tinge of pleasure, because they believe the past is better than the present.

However, time will pass and things will change. In a blink of an eye, everything will be different.


Although the setting sun might be immeasurably sweet, dusk is near.

Therefore, if we want a better tomorrow, we should look forward to the future and broaden our horizons without indulging in retrospection.

The future is bright and better than the past, even far beyond what we can imagine.

Therefore, we must unapologetically; Move on, Move forward, Move boldly, and Move with faith.

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I see you living the life of your dream.


Temitayo Abudu

G.D. C

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