Freddy Green just released a hit single “African Civilization” via Vpal distribution worldwide and Mightyful13 records both located in New York U.S.A.

He is an international Afrocentric reggae artiste from Jos Plateau state Nigeria.

The song which is originally composed by Fitzroy Francis and Perform by Freddy Green is a positive vibe to encourage all Africans.

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Freddy Green said, “The message in the song is to let the world know that Africans have been robbed of their freedom, growth, civilization, and modernization by the enemies of Africa (Who can be from other races or fellow Africans). This can be traced from historical fact”.


Nevertheless, Freddy Green said the message he is conveying is to let Africans know that there’s hope in the struggles for the total emancipation of the blacks.

Know more about Freddy Green, read his bio: https://stagerave.com.ng/artistes/f-green/


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He said the discipline and good morals learn from the monarchs and theocracy must be observed, preserved, and protected.

Buy this powerful song through the link: https://songwhip.com/freddygreen/african-civilization

You can book him to perform at your event on this platform: https://stagerave.com.ng/booking-enquiries/

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