If you want to overcome the pressure of adversity, you can’t do it by dreaming alone.

You need a strong desire that will move you to take action before you can achieve your aspirations in life.

The period of adversity is the season of crisis, neglect from loved ones and moment where trust is betrayed.

It is a period that could lead one into an early grave and total poverty spiritually, morally and financially, if not dealt with appropriately.  

It is the period that requires you to make crucial decisions that will define your life.

Many have bowed to the pressure that comes with adversity while others have seized the opportunity to discover their true purpose and identity.

In as much you are on this planet you cannot escape the pressure of adversity, whether you are rich or poor, young or old, we all go through this season, at a particular stage in our lives.

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Yours could be in the morning, afternoon or evening season of your life.

No matter the time it surfaces, the onus is on you to overcome the pressure and turn that moment to an avenue so you can truly discover, encourage, build and energize yourself towards your season of breakthrough.

Now, please permit me to allude to the scripture. According to the book of Proverbs 24:10, it says, “You are a poor specimen if you can’t stand the pressure of adversity”.

Having said this, below are three major ways you can overcome the pressure of adversity.


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Positive response

To respond positively is to control and effectively manage your thoughts.

You must avoid losing your thought life to negativity; rather embrace the mindset of positive reasoning.

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Please note that, once you lose your thought life, you lose everything in you. Speak and act positively.


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Tamed tongue

Dear reader, the good in life far outweighs the pressure of adversity.

It is just that when going through the pressure of adversity; we are quick to forget all the good that life has thrown to us.


It is pertinent to know that taming the tongue is essential if at all you want to overcome the pressure of adversity. Because that which seems like an end may be the beginning of something great and better.

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Therefore, restrain your tongue from saying the unpleasant; rather use your tongue to bless the surrounding situation.


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Focus on the creator

In the palace of enviable glory, do not put your total trust in the world, rather let your trust lies in God who is the creator of the world.

Many people are living with a disappointed mentality and depression because they put their trust in men.

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A time like this, when the world is full of adversity, you must be courageous enough to choose peace and a winning mentality if you want to overcome the pressure of adversity.

In conclusion, adversity is inevitable in the journey of life, but your ability to overcome makes you a worthy champion.

Thank you for reading through.


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