Everyone wants to live a meaningful life, no matter who or where they are.

However, making this a reality is a function of your imagination and the steps you take. 

As an individual, you should understand that life will not give you what you want, but what you desire and persistently demand from it.

You  have the innate capacity to do greater things. And that’s the reason you should approach the New Year with hope and optimism.

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The coming year serves as the beginning of a new decade, plan to aim higher than the last decades.

Having said this, I have mentioned five major steps that will spur you to do the impossible.

1. Let Your Imagination be Bigger than your Stature


Don’t be afraid to dream big. 

Every great accomplishment starts with your imagination. 

Set aside all distractions and focus on achieving your goals.

You need to know that whatever you decide to do; you have all it takes to achieve. 

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Yes, it all starts with your mind.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail


The trickery of defeat is such that most people give up on their endeavour when they fail at it. 

Pick up yourself each time you fail. 

Don’t define success by how many times you fail but by how many time you rise again.

When you fail at something, know it’s not the end of your life. It only teaches you how well to start again.

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3. Programme your Mind to Think Positively

Positive Thinking

I often quote this saying, “To think positively is to grow speedily in the journey of greatness and possibilities.”

Sometimes in life when things are not going as expected, positive thinking is what you need to enhance your inner strength. While negative thinking will get you nowhere.

More so, a positive mindset allows you to break through those hurdles to achieve your big dreams.

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4. Invest your Time Wisely

Invest time

Spending time in a pleasurable endeavour is not wrong, but be very careful how you use and manage your time.

Proper utilisation of time will grant you permission to achieve most things you thought you could not achieve. 

In the coming year, no matter how far you’ve gone in doing the wrong thing, you can always retrace your steps to do what is right. Don’t be a time-waster.

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“He who wastes his time destroys his destiny” 

5. Let your Action Speak

Impactful Life

It takes time to achieve success, great and mighty dreams do not materialise in a day. 

However, if you do a little of your task every single day without declining, you will build up momentum over time

In as much your greatness starts from your imagination, you need to take actions to make it a reality.

In Conclusion, to do the impossible you must believe in yourself, permit the creator to support your action. 

At every point of greatness, there is a need for divine intervention, if you want to enjoy lasting manifestation.

Permit divinity to bless what you do, then you can do the impossible.

Author: Temitayo Abudu

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