There is an old Jewish proverb that says; “Show me a boy of 7 years and I will show you the man.”

The meaning in plain terms agrees with the scientifically proven fact that a person’s future is established permanently from the second he/she is born up to the age of 7 years.

Everything the person sees and hears and feels from the immediate environment and people; including the parents, siblings, and peers within this period of growth and development determines how the person’s life will turn out.

For instance, if one is born into a poor family, raised in a ghetto that individual will end up being affected mentally, emotionally, and psychologically by that background.

This by extension causes him or her to have a much greater inclination to poverty and lack than wealth and riches.


On the flip side, the same applies to those born with a background of wealth. Thus validating the concept of the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer.

All this starts and ends with consciousness, and the key to one’s consciousness is the mind!

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There are two layers of consciousness:

1. Topical consciousness: This has to do with everything you sense and experience in your life daily.

2. Subconsciousness: This is the second layer. Most people are not aware of this, but the subconsciousness plays an 85% role in shaping and determining the course of a person’s life.

You can trace all the mental programming an individual receives from birth to the people and environment they were raised. This they store in their subconsciousness. And this informs how they see and value themselves, and how they relate to the world around them.

It even goes as far as affecting their choice of partners, careers, habits, fears, temperament e.t.c.

Have you ever wondered why some people never seem to have any luck with relationships and marriage?

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While for some they are always struggling financially; irredeemably promiscuous; or are timid/domineering; or are inextricably bound to crime, and so on?

The fact is that you can trace all of that to the circumstances of their childhood, and their background.

But there is good news according to Quantum Physics and Epigenetics; a branch of science that studies the relationship between the mind and body.

It is now a fact that a person can alter or reverse their fortunes and change the course of their lives by changing their mental orientation. The way they see themselves, and how they see and relate to the world around them.

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Regardless of their pedigree, background, or circumstances of their childhood. All it takes is self-love, letting go of the past, changing the company one keeps, and adopting and perpetually keeping a positive mindset.

So whoever you are, and whatever you are doing now, and whatever shape your life has taken, just know that all hope is not lost. You are the creator of your reality. You have the power to make your life into whatever you desire it to be!

Author: Max Umeh

Wisdom Nugget – Maximus Rex Umeh

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