Arrogance is an attribute of pride, that gives birth to public disgrace, especially in the palace of dignity.

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It is import to note that arrogance is one of the foundations of a bad attitude.

Having said this, it is pertinent to note that in your journey to stardom what you need is confidence, not arrogance.

Don’t believe you are too good to make mistakes. According to the popular saying, no one is an island of knowledge, we all learn and grow.

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What then is Confidence???

Confidence is the stage of being courageous, daring and having the capacity to face difficulties.

There is a need to avoid the path of arrogance, because;

Arrogance is deadly

Arrogance kills the talent in you

Arrogance limit the greatness in you

Arrogance suppress the ability of others

Arrogance is condemning

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Don’t be a victim of arrogance

It is a poison used by average people to kill the brightness of a glorious person.

It should be noted, confidence is not synonymous to arrogance.

No matter your level of achievement it is advisable you remain humble.

Mind you, humility is not equal to low self-esteem.

Simply put, humility is knowing what you know, and be willing to know more about what you know.


Simple ways to avoid Arrogant Behaviour

  1. Be willing to learn
  2. Never looked down on your audience, your client or anyone around you
  3. Do not condemn what others are doing on their way to purpose discovery.
  4. Be a blessing, not a curse
  5. Celebrate the victories of others
  6. Be part of people’s growth and they will never forget your impact in their lives
  7. Celebrate all good successes around you. Because not all big success is good success but every good success is a big success no matter how small.
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How to build your self-confidence

  1. Be prepared always
  2. There is dignity in labour. When you work hard and work smart, you become brave in your chosen career and no one will be able to intimidate you with arrogance.
  3. Acknowledge your weaknesses, but don’t permit it to limit you.
  4. Leverage on opportunities around you
  5. Seek knowledge, Knowledge is the power that delivers you from ignorance. Because of ignorance subject a man to a lifetime of struggle, instead of a lifetime of soaring. Ignorance wastes a man’s time, life and destiny.
  6. You are not permitted to walk in fear. Be firm in courage and embrace the beauty of your strength. Because the darkness surrounding you is an opportunity for your light to shine.
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In conclusion, the beginning of a man’s downfall is to believe he knows it all, and not always ready for a correction.

The greatness of a man lies in his ability to learn from others, a breakaway from past ignorance and value everyone around him.

Above all, do not be arrogant it will never take you to your desired destination. Admire and imbibe self-confidence it will create ways and sustain you at the wilderness of fear and limitations.



Temitayo Abudu

Temitayo Abudu

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