“The only way the world will ever know you were here is by building a legacy that will outlive you.”

Building a positive legacy is synonymous with leaving an indelible footprint. 

Anyone who always dwells in the congregation of mediocre will only be remembered for nothing rather than a life of perpetual life of vanity. 

But he who lives a life worthy of emulation will be celebrated among men. 

This will make you leave a legacy that will outlive you and remaining immortal in the heart of people while becoming a standard for others to follow.

Do not limit your capacity no matter the circumstances. 

Let me quickly make allusion to the lives of Thomas Edison and Helen Keller.

Thomas Edison had only three months of formal schooling, yet he became a great inventor who ever lived; Helen Keller was without sight, hearing, or speech, yet she inspired millions.

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The above illustration is a great example of a positive legacy when you inspire others towards achieving their set goals when you encourage those around you to be who they are and discover their true identity then you are directly or indirectly building a positive legacy.

We should note that he who wants to build a positive legacy will abstain from negative conversations, especially gossip or tearing apart other people’s reputations. 

These acts will make you lose relevance in the sight of people and diminish your capacity to build a positive legacy.


Below are five major ways of building a positive legacy:

1. Serving Humanity

Serving humanity is an act of genuine service to people expecting nothing in return. If you do this consistently, then you will build a positive and lasting legacy.

2. Setting a Standard


Aspire to standout in all you do, however, not to the detriment of others. Standing out should be of benefit to your immediate family and the society at large. When you become a standard, you are invariably setting a legacy that will outlive you.

3. Do not Bring Others Down

Tear down

Abstain from conversations that tend towards bringing others down, avoid gossip and tarnishing other people’s reputation. Above all, repay evil with good.

4. Embrace the Virtue of Humility

One of the greatest ways to get through the heart of people is humility. 

Humility does not denote low self-esteem, rather it means respecting other people’s opinions and ways of life without bringing yourself to a valueless stage.

5. Be in your Chosen Career

One of the major ways to build a positive legacy is to be fruitful in your chosen career and you will be worthy of emulation. 

Let your success speak for you. 

Your actions must work faster than your talk. 

No one will be proud to associate with a failure all the time, but success and fruitfulness earn you great respect and dignity.

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As I drop my creative pen, I need you to note that your legacy is your children’s free access to the palace of a great reputation for the future. 

Set a good legacy and you will remain immortal and the immortality of your individualism is what will make you a blessing to your world and the generation yet to be born.

These are my noble thoughts.

Thank you for reading through!


Author: Temitayo Abudu

Disruptive Coach 

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