We have very few days to the end of this year.

And it’s time for retrospection.

For some people it was full of regret and failure, for a few it was all about new discoveries, while for some, they were able to achieve the unimaginable.

However, there were individuals who were disorganized, they were neither here nor there, i.e. they lacked direction.

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Whichever group applies to you, the year 2020 is another opportunity to rewrite your story for the best.

No matter how bad the year 2019 must have been, you can become a champion in 2020.

What does it mean to be a champion?

A champion is a person who fights and win for a cause or status.

Before you can be declared a champion, you must have fought and won a contest.

Life is a race and to win in that race there is a need to understand and apply some cogent factors required for the race.


To walk on the path of champions, I have compiled in this article five key factors that will help you become a great champion in the journey of life in the coming year.

1. You Need Grace.

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For every product at the market there is a manufacturer.

The same applies to every human being.

The creator of the universe (GOD manufactured us).

So, for you to function as a champion you need to consult the creator of your destiny.

In the journey of life, when you run alone it is called race, but when you run with God, it is called Grace.

Therefore, grace means God in the race of man.

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Grace does not denote laziness, in fact grace does not embrace lazy people.

It is allowing God to be the driver of your life in the journey of destiny.

God has given every man the capacity to achieve great things.

So, when you invite God, you become unstoppable.

2. You Need to be Courageous.

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Courage is the ability to face dangerous or difficult situations or circumstances without fear. 

It is challenges that beget champions.

No one can refer to anyone as a winner without them engaging in a contest.

Those who are always praying for a challenge free life are limiting themselves because that is not a hallmark of a champion.

Your surrounding situations may not be palatable, you might have failed several times, the good news is every successful person on earth has gone through the same process.

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Therefore, do not get discouraged.

This is the time to face your fears and stay strong.

Be deliberate in your approach and courageous enough to take on challenges.

Don’t just give up. 

 3. Watch Your Attitude.

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“Your attitude may be personal but it is never private,” – Myles Munroe.

One of the key factors that can make you a great champion is your attitude.

It determines how well and how far you will go in life.

Education, skills and talent can take you to the top, but a positive attitude will keep you there.

Your attitude towards any situation ultimately determines it outcome.

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Champions don’t take their positive attitude with levity.

A positive attitude can take a man from the parlour to the palace and from grass to unlimited grace full of fortune.

4. Be Humble. 

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Humility does not denote a lack of self-esteem.

It is respecting the opinions of others, even when you are superior to them.

Anywhere you find yourself, learn to be humble this will accelerate your promotion to a higher level of success.

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Prides brings shame while humility gives you honour and promotion.

5. Adapt a Winning Mentality

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Having a winning mentality is one hallmark of a champion.

Champions don’t toll the path of mediocrity, rather they picture and think of how they can win.

Remember, no one ever become a champion without first fighting for a cause.

A winning mentality starts from the mind.

Think about it! Believe it! And act it! 

 In conclusion, champions don’t embrace mediocrity.

If you want to become a champion, you must learn to be consistent in whatever you do, because consistency is the rule of the game.

Author: Temitayo Abudu     

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