“When you discover the power that resides in you, you become courageous in the face of all tribulations and continuous storm of life. Your courage is the key to self-motivation”

According to Emotional Intelligence Expert Daniel Goleman, self-motivation is a key for feeling motivated and believing in yourself and your power to achieve your desired goals.

7 Rules Of Self-Motivation

1. Be more attentive to positive news

2. Keep good company

3. Never stop learning

4. See the good in bad

5. Celebrate your little wins

6. Worry less and act more

7. Don’t stop helping others

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At such a time like this, where the entire world is living in panic, depression and hunger even the rich are begging for the survival of their lives. 

It is expedient to look inward and be inspired not just by what people say alone but by what you believe you can achieve.

This is important because motivating yourself, gives you the needed strength to achieve your desired goals in life.

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Please note that this pandemic (COVID-19) is a phrase that will surely pass by, but what becomes of you during this time will remain with you till you leave this planet Earth. 

My dear amiable reader, please stay positive and say positive things about yourself. “You are what you say you are.”

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Your greatness starts from you, never be discouraged by the current difficulties, the future is great and awesome.


Ways to Maximize the Power of Self-Motivation

Below are ways you can maximize the power of self-motivation and unlock the key to personal improvement…

1. Avoid saying I can’t instead always proclaim I can

Having a positive mindset is key to overcoming every negativity. Always embrace “I can” attitude, no matter how tough the situation may look.

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 2. View your problems as opportunities

Obstacles and problems are opportunities in disguise. Stop running away from challenges rather, face it, and be a celebrated overcomer.

 3. Convert your weakness into Strength

Don’t blame fate or enter self-blame. Face it and never permit your weakness to bring shame to you in the palace of great accomplishment.

 4. Never compare yourself with others because you are created uniquely


It is important to maintain your self-esteem and self-respect.

You are unique, ; you are not to be pitied you are to be celebrated… Shine on because you are a worthy champion.

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 5. Try something new and never be afraid of failure.

Please note, falling is not a failure, not getting up after falling is a failure. Failing is never the end of the road, it is a step towards becoming a better you.

6. Be willing and humble to learn from your mistakes

Mistakes are God’s way of telling us I need to do things differently.

7. Practice this simple rule

Yes, I can!

Yes, I will!

Face your fear, confront your depression

Be confident enough to confront your battles because no one will fight it for you.

I admonished you to maximize your self-motivation, don’t wait for others to validate your individualism but be the first to encourage and motivate yourself.

Yes, you can!
Yes, I can!
Yes, we can!

No matter the circumstances or the economic situations of the world, if we can exercise courage and focus on the solution rather than the problem then we can be who we aspire to BE!


Author: Temitayo Abudu

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