Craig David is one of UK’s home-grown artistes accepted and loved locally and internationally. The emergence of Craig David was one that was received with acceptance and recognition.

He moved so quickly to make the headlines from being a garage artiste to becoming a global star. Some of his hit songs include: “Can You Fill Me In,” Rendezvous, etc.

Listen to Rendevous by Craig David

We took our time to learn how Craig went from a garage MC to become a worldwide R&B superstar.

1. He Was Surrounded by Music Growing Up 

Music was a familiar terrain for Craig while growing up. At age 11, he started guitar lessons. And often followed his Dad to local dance clubs where DJ’s would let him handle the microphone.

In the space of two years, while accompanying his father to such places, he got inspired to write his own songs. This availed him the opportunity to start  MC-ing in clubs and radio stations at the age of 14.

Artiste must seek opportunities for where they can perform to develop capacity and build competence. You can start by surrounding yourself with people with the same interest.

Craig David

And perhaps you are reading this article and you don’t know how to go about it, you can contact us and we will take it from there.

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2. Craig Won a National Competition

Music was not just another thing, for Craig music was passion. He sorts for ways to express this passion. And one way was to compete in a national song-writing competition, which he emerged as the winner.

He wrote a song “I’m Ready” for the R&B Boyband Damage in 1997. Craig also wrote a song. “Let’s kick racism out of Football” a song licensed for Southampton FC.  

As an artiste, you need to know every artiste has a unique path to stardom. You can learn from others, but also seek for ways to express your passion that might just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Craig David

For Craig David, he wanted to express what he had in the inside and that was the beginning of his journey to stardom.

3. Journey to Stardom began when He Met the Right Production Managers. 

Artistes should understand that production managers play the role of a guidance in music. They function like parents. Thinks about this! When you meet kids that are well guided and trained you would know. It would show in their conversations, manners and other subtle ways. The same goes for production managers.

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Even with Craig’s popularity, he was yet to gain fame as an R&B artiste until he met production duo Artful Dodger.

He revealed in an interview that he was only writing songs, but had no music while the Artful Dodgers were producing good melodies without music. It was the perfect feet that started his journey.



4. His First Collaborative Song Was a Success

Craig David got into limelight with a collaborative hit single “Re-Rewind”. The song got to number one in the UK chart. This was Craig David first thirst of stardom.

This success skyrockets him from being a $150 Dollar a week to DJ to a household name. Collaboration is one sure way to achieve stardom as a musician, especially when you have a firm foundation as an upcoming artiste.

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5. “Fill Me In” Went Straight to Number 1 in the UK Chart.

After his collaborative hit, he signed to Windstar Records. The Record label produced “Fill Me In” for Craig, which was just a tip of the iceberg of what was yet to come. But still, the song was a blast in Europe, America and around the world.

Most upcoming artiste often wants to self-produce their songs and most times they find it very hard to get it right. The help of a good manager and a record label would help artiste achieve stardom in an organised manner.

Craig David is still celebrated today, his songs are always evergreen. And the genre of R&B has since then experience newbies that are yet to leave R&B lovers with lasting memories like Craig David’s.

Please follow us as we unveil: 11 Things You Never Knew about Craig David. next week.

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