In most parts of the world today, conspicuously in the less developed regions extreme poverty, decadence, and retrogression abound. 

The reason for this is the lack of accountability and honesty prevailing in these countries. Making it a norm to be arcane and deceitful. 

This situation has promoted corruption and lawlessness serving as indicators that signify that these virtues have lost their values.

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In these countries, you’ll find that there are no systems in place to examine the decisions of the political elites. 

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So, leaders whose obligation is to cater to the needs of the society willingly choose to rip them off of their essential need. 

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These corrupt leaders use their position as a platform to commit terrible atrocities against humanity and against the people they are supposed to be serving just to meet their selfish interests. 


This attitude flows down, spreading like cancer, from the top to the lowest levels of society; as the people now choose to function with the “Dog-eat-dog” mentality in their daily living. Thus causing terrible suffering throughout the land. 

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Blessed are the nations who pursue Honesty and accountability for they will enjoy great peace, abundance and prosperity. 

But woe betides societies whose people places temporary gratification over noble, honourable and true virtues. 

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For such people will experience only great backwardness, suffering, and wretchedness.

Written by: Maximus Rex Umeh

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