Witten by: Maximus Rex Umeh

The pandemic of selfishness, pride, and egocentricity has made the world into what it is today. A cesspool of suffering, misery, wretchedness, shallowness, and emptiness. Everyone is racing to outdo their fellows in the quest for vain validation, acceptance, and fickle praise. This they strive to get at whatever cost, even at the expense of the lives of their neighbours; wreaking havoc and devastation all over the world. Everything today appears to be motivated by this overall desire to feed the ego; be it in politics, in religious systems, Education. Racial and Sexual orientation, also the Society at large.

However, if you belong to this monstrous group of people who are the main architects of all the suffering and pain in the world, little do you know there is a universal law. The law that states that whatever goes around will always come back around. When you make others suffer for your own selfish interests, you create your own suffering; a void within your soul. And the more suffering you cause the deeper this void gets, leaving you increasingly with an emptiness that cannot be filled with any material wealth. No matter how much you have. Your taste for living disappears, and the world becomes lacklustre and colourless to you. And yours will be a life of constant fear and anxiety for the rest of your days.

This is because you are not designed to live for yourself. Rather, you should live for your fellow man. It is only when you live a life of charity and love you will have the fullness of peace, joy, satisfaction, and fulfilment. Something as simple as a kind smile, kind words of encouragement, or a small gift,  can lift the spirits of the downtrodden. One random act of love and kindness every day heals not only the world around you, but heals you, despite whatever emotional, physical, or psychological pain you may have. For whatever you do onto others you do to yourself. And whatever you give to those around you is what they will give back to you.

So from now onwards, give a helping hand to those in need; and heal yourself by healing them.

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