This event took place at the La Mango Restaurant Ikeja Lagos State amidst a press conference with an astonishing performance from GT Da Guitar Man, and an electrifying performance from Da Chronicles (Nerata Media Solutions Dance Group).

Speaking on the project, CEO, Nerata Media Solutions and coordinator of the OTP scheme, Mr. Michael Adedeji, said the project is to position the DSELF programme in schools which has enjoyed an unbridled attention from the students over the years and warm recipients from the custodians of the institution.

The DSELF programme involves digitally projecting recommended WAEC literature text movies to students is one of Nerata media solution wonderful inventions. The DSELF programme has been on for ten years in schools in Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan; it has ensured that a better result has been achieved by literature student it has visited.

Nerata partnered with Vas2net Technologies to make this a simple and fair competition, bringing up the code 35120 to take part. It involves a simple text message from any mobile network in Nigeria, texting Othello, school name and school location to the code 35120.

The industry watchers of the education sector disclosed that the schools should gladly take advantage of the Othello Text Project to empower their various students through the programme and put their schools in the roadmap of high record scores in the rating of WAEC, NECO and other relevant related exams for the Nigerian students at large.

The team urges the public to text as it promises to bring a memorable experience to the winning school, with a sensational performance from GT Da Guitar and other entertaining activities.

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