“A man of many words without action will move no mountain. But a man of strong will, determination and courage, will shale the universe and make an indelible landmark,”  – Temitayo Abudu

Affliction means a state of pain, suffering, distress or agony.

A life with no iota of pain will probably head to the final destination of deceit. We all have a different experience about life and for us to live a meaningful life we must in our mind prepare for all the seasons in life. The season of joy, greatness, success, failure, affliction and many more.

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According to the Holy Book, it states that for everything there is a time and season, time to be born, a time to die, a time to rejoice time to be sad. Whichever season you may experience, I need you to know that it is for a reason.

Let me focus the attention of this article on the season of affliction because many are going through difficult situations, that seems to be too heavy in their heart and couldn’t share with anyone.

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No matter how difficult and unbearable your situation may be, never give up, because it is a season that will surely end and you will definitely experience a positive turnaround.

There are different afflictions ranging from barrenness, poverty, failure in marriage and career just to mention a few. Irrespective of the challenges you may go through, it will surely end.

How to Grow beyond the season of Affliction

1. Develop a Positive Thinking Habit

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Even in the face of adversity, embrace positivism let your focus be on the solution and do not give room to negative thoughts.

2. Let Persistence and Courage be Your Hallmark

When you are courageous enough to rise above your affliction, then you must be consistent in your quest for solutions

3. Be Careful of Who you Share your Issue With.

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Sincerely some are happy seeing you in your state of affliction so you need sensitivity to discern who and who to or not to talk to. Be careful!


4. Your Greatest Weapon is Faith in God

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Only the Providence can grant you everlasting joy and proven solutions to all afflictions, therefore believe Him and get closer to Him.

5. Embrace Action and Desist From too Much of Talk

Growing Beyond the Season of Affliction

Talking is easier to do than acting on your words. Instead of complaining swift into action and seek knowledge.

In conclusion, affliction is part of life, winning in life is our desire, I see your season of affliction ending. You are next to be celebrated because victory is right before you.

Rise, move on and stay strong.

Your future is glorious.

Author: Temitayo Abudu

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