Author: Temitayo Abudu

“Before Anything Else, Getting Ready Is the Secret of Success”Temitayo Abudu

Before you take a decision to start a relationship, pursue a leadership position or your set objectives, it is important to know if you have developed the capacity for it.

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Most people crave to venture into either business, politics or get a new job. It is a good thing to crave for a new level because life itself is not static, but the question you must ask yourself is:  “Are you prepared?”

Proper planning prevents poor performance. Dreaming and aspiring for a great position, a successful future or new challenges is not the problem. To get there you need to develop capacity and understand that the outcome of your success will be determined by your level of preparation.


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People get stuck dreaming rather than taking the courageous step for preparation. The secret you need for your success is adequate preparation.

If you desire a better tomorrow – Start your Preparation today. 

You aspire to be a leader – Start your Preparation today.

Your aim is to marry the best man or woman – Prepare now, don’t wait until you see him/her.

You want to be a force to reckon with – Start your preparation now.

Whatever you dream of becoming will be determined by your level of conscious preparation today. Remember, the only appealing day to a lazy man is tomorrow.

“Today is the best day to start not tomorrow, get up and get started”.


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