He who does not provide solutions to problems will soon become a liability to his world.

……………… Temitayo Abudu…………….

Indeed, the only problem for your stagnation is not bringing a solution to other people’s problems!

The big question is, what value are you adding and which problem are you solving? I help people overcome their fear; I inspire the younger generation to be who they will be and also help people discover their purpose for life.

Permit me to share with you, according to statistics, the world population is increasing and the more individuals we have on planet earth, the more solution will be required because problem beget problem.

Even with the high death rates of those living in poverty, the world population is still expanding at an incredible rate.

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The world’s population is growing by 1.10 percent per year, or approximately an additional 83 million people annually.

We expect the global population to reach 8.6 billion in 2030, 9.8 billion in 2050, and 11.2 billion in 2100.


Below are ways you can become a solution to your world:

Share your knowledge with someone

Focus on the positive

Do what you love. That alone will inspire others.


Expand the horizon of your talents and gifts

Have a successor plan, because success without a successor is a celebrated failure

Succession planning concept on blackboard with pen

Walk-in love, the world is currently in need of love because hatred and wickedness have occupied the heart of many.

Drawing from the inspiration, I am glad to let you know that; you are born to fulfill destiny and become a celebrated champion. In positing your purpose never accommodate doubt, be resilient and courageous.

Above all, be a solution.



Temitayo Abudu

The Glossophobia

Disruptive Coach


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