“The best way to influence the world is by solving problems, the problems you solve are proportionate to your level of provision,” – Temitayo Abudu.  

Before I highlight my areas of interests in this piece, it is critical to define the term “Problem Solving”.

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The term “Problem Solving” refers to the act of defining a problem, identifying the cause of the problem, prioritizing and selecting a solution that will put an end to it.

Generally, problem solvers are deliberate people, to them, it doesn’t happen by chance.

If you think being deliberate when solving problem is not important, I advise that you critically think about it.

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 “Do you want to influence your world with your good works?”  

Then you must be deliberate in finding a problem you care about and start solving it.

How do I do that, you may ask?

Let start here.

It is no longer news that the world needs thinkers and visionary leaders. 

This is a fact because if it was not so, then the world won’t be a mess today.

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Hence, it is high time you look around and identify the problem within your immediate surroundings and then start creating an avenue to solve them.

This will make you a sought after influencer. 


Common, don’t think you have to be great before you start.


Just start from where you are with what you have. 

Then the words of your great works will spread around.

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What type of problems are you talking about, another curious question, may also want to ask?

There are various problems that need solutions for me, I decided to solve the problem of Glossophobia through writing and am being intentional about it. I took my time to throw more light on that subject. You can read about it here, my readers appreciated it and for me, I have solved problems in my own little way.

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So, here is the big question: “What will people remember you for?”

If you can answer this question, then it will enable you channel your time, treasure and thinking to what will benefit humanity. 

Therefore, I encourage you to thrive in what you do so you can impart your world positively.

Meanwhile, for those who solve no problem by chose to wreak havoc, people will only remember them for their book works and their names will be mentioned with hatred and disdain.

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Dear reader, please know that when you die people will only remember you for either the problem you created or solved. 

So, I charge you not to be a problem creator, rather ensure you are part of the solution to a miserable world seeking for solutions.

Also, be the solution you desire, spread the word in your community and society at large.

Stop complaining, be courageous enough to avoid complain rather embrace a heart of value creation and addition.

The choice is yours, but I advise you to add value to your world.

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In conclusion, money and wealth will never locate you, until you become someone who can solve problems no matter how little.

Thank you for reading through.

You are a solution, not a problem



The Glossophobia Disruptive Coach

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