When discussing artists with a legacy for younger ones in the music industry, high life music genre in specific, the great and popular Nigeria golden voice artist Sunny Neji will be placed as one of the highest influence.

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He has arrayed an excellent legacy for upcoming and still to come artist in the industry with a contemporary and special style of making remarkable songs since the 80s when he started at a young age.

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Do you remember the song titled “Oruka” by sunny Neji, one of is evergreen lead singles of his full-length album called “Unchained” in the year 2003 that was recorded in Ghana?


For any wedding events or experiences, this song will definitely make it a memorable one.

Get to Know More About Sunny Neji

Sunny Neji”s active involvement in music began at an early age.

As a boy he participated in cultural performances in his hometown Ishibori in Ogoja Local Government Area of Cross River State Nigeria…

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