The long-anticipated book, English Idiom Glossary compiled by Justina Samuel-Iwok has been published. The book is now readily available to be purchased on all Amazon and Okada bookstore online.

English Idiom Glossary is more of a practical study guide and a reference. It took the author about eight years to compile. The scope and the depth of research in this book provides an answer to writers search for proper use of idiomatic expressions. The book is now available to the public for purchase online.

English Idiom Glossary is an Educational book that offers one of the most educative and up-to-date lists of idioms, its meanings with examples presented in an alphabetical order. It provides authors’ with an accessible, practical source of artistic imagination. While serving as a guide to students of English Languages at all levels. It includes every idiom needed to guide you both in your written and spoken communication journey.

The author is also open to sponsorship from individuals and corporate organisations ready to sponsor the distribution of the hard copies to secondary schools and universities across the nation.

Justina Samuel-Iwok is driven with the duty to inspire impact and make the world a better place. Her dream is to help students struggling in English Language, express themselves more creatively.

You can purchase from these links:

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Q3OwKT

Okada: https://bit.ly/2SsdEMI

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