“No one ever starts a meaningful journey without knowing where he/she is going, that is we refer to as purpose.”

“The strong belief and unshakable desire to achieve your purpose are what we call faith.”

“The delight to return to where you can showcase your achievement and express true love is what we often call home, which is born out of a blissful marriage,”- Temitayo Abudu

 The outcome of our life is relative because of the decision we make. 

It is important to please note that “your decision today determines your position tomorrow”.

Knowing this will help you take deliberate actions. In taking deliberate actions, these three ingredients I’m about to mention can transform the life of anyone. And you must not make mistakes in actualising them, because once you miss it you may never recover from its adverse effect. These three ingredients are; Faith, Purpose and Marriage.

1. Faith

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Faith according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary means to trust in somebody’s ability or knowledge. It also means a strong religious belief. Permit me to say, that your faith in God will guarantee the outcome of your life since only He (GOD) has the manual of your destiny. 

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Faith in God and total alignment to His plan and purpose for your life will change your nature totally and give your life a positive turnaround. Once you get this right, other things will definitely fall in place. Because your faith is your confession and what you confess is what you possess.

2. Purpose

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Another thing capable of turning your life around is “Purpose”. 

Please permit me to ask you a sincere question germane to helping you actualise your future. 

The question: “Have you discover the reason for your existence?” 

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This question is important because until you know the reason you for your existence your life will continually be in a state of mirage. 


Purpose gives your life meaning and direction towards the accomplishment of your goals in life.

According to late Dr. Myles Munroe he said in one of his favourites quotes, “When the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable.”

To avoid any form of abuse on your path, then you must work towards discovering the purpose for which you were created.

3. Marriage

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Finally, the last ingredient is marriage. 

Whom you marry or get married to will also go a long way in either making of destroying your life. 

When choosing a befitting and virtuous or faithful life partner, please do it with all sense of truthfulness and sincerity.

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Many are where they are today because of their choice of whom they married. 

On this note, choosing the right life partner becomes a necessity. 

If you can get it right on this aspect, then you have set the foundation for a happy home. And once you have a happy home, we have hope of building a virtuous society. 

In conclusion, constantly remind yourself never to make the mistake of missing your part when it relates to faith, purpose and marriage.

“Your faith gives direction to your purpose for life. Your purpose helps to determine who you marry in life. And your marriage will ignite your faith towards the actualization of your purpose for life”


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