Thinking of having a clearer picture of what worship feels like?

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All you need is to listen to “Ancient sounds” by Damils to get your heart and soul filled with answers resonating from a sound of worship.

READ  Shania Twain: 5 Reasons We Love Her

The lyrics in this song depict someone with a desire to experience a total infill of the heart with answers leading from the ancient sound.


This song is part of the Soar album released earlier this year.


Victor Mobolaji oluwadamilare Solomon Adigun popularly referred to as Damils da Flutist is the 4th of 6 children. Born in Jos, he Studied at the prestigious University of Jos. Damils is the founder of The Graviton Empire International. He is a versatile music producer and instrumentalist with high dexterity on the keyboard, organ, flutes, local instrument and does a little on the guitar.

Damils Da Flutist

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Download Here: ANCIENT SOUND

Listen and enjoy

Ancient Sund

by Damils Da Flutist | "ANCIENT SOUND" from SOAR

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