Damils Da Flutist has released another soul-searching sound that will leave you excited. The song is titled: “The Northern Gaze”

This song according to Damils Da Flutist tells the story of a young boy who lived in the northern part of the country. His father was a wealthy herdsman who tried to ensure his son continues the trade after he must have gone to be with his ancestors. The young man battled between two opinions either to look into “the north” and seek for a lush green vegetation, where his heart will truly find rest or to remain with his fathers “unexciting rich trade” He is now caught in between the web confused! 

Doe the solution lies on “The Northern Gaze”?, he asked.

Listen to the sound and feel the deep connection.

Then you can connect the dots to know the decision the boy took.

Share your thoughts with us.

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